MarketersChoice is the only choice when it comes to protecting your customer’s information.

MarketersChoice maintains a Level 1 Certification! The highest possible PCI/CISP Security Certification available today to protect your Internet Business and your Internet Customers financial data.

If your site doesn’t have level 1 PCI/CISP certification you and your Customers are at risk!  Don’t be a statistic on the evening news! Here at MarketersChoice we take security and peace of mind seriously!

Think About This And Take Action!

Potential customers are inundated with warnings about internet fraud and identity theft daily and there is a pervasive public view that when you purchase anything on line you risk being a victim of fraud yourself.  Today’s savvy on line businesses and their educated customers know that if the site is not PCI/CISP certified, their personal information and the business sites they are providing that information too are at risk!

On any given day there are dozens of local, national and international news stories about the most recent security breaches into internet businesses.

We at MarketersChoice are the answer to those news stories!

Prior to engaging in on-line business, Clients and Customers are first and foremost looking at the security systems you’ve put into place to protect their personal and credit card information and what they are looking for is whether or not your site is Level 1 PCI/CISP certified! MarketersChoice IS!

Avoid the pitfalls of being defrauded and the damage control you’ll have to conduct with customers if your site is breached by choosing to utilize the protection that PCI/CISP certification offers! Choose MarketersChoice!

Don’t be fooled by the words “PCI Compliant”.  This is NOT PCI/CISP certified and you are at risk! PCI Compliance is the bare minimum requirement and does little to truly protect you!

You can rest assured that we at MarketersChoice have gone to great expense and great lengths to protect your Business and your Customers financial data! So what are you waiting for? Increase your business and your customer base now!